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dan: it's finne for mee... | megabuddha: well look at you. you made kat go away. | dan: but i was really polite B( | megabuddha: not polite enough. | dan: do you think kat will ever find it in her heart to forgive me and come back to the computer. | megabuddha: maybe. maybe not... | dukka not faker zoey: maybe if i burp loud enough she'll come back to tell me to stop | Kat: stop it | dan: yeah but you live basically next door to her she might just come to your house and post a letter to tell you of her disgust. | dan: oh... | megabuddha: i was about to call you mad. | dan: world's best timing. | megabuddha: but here she is. | dukka not faker zoey: see | dukka not faker zoey: im just great | dan: aha haa ha that was so perfect that was wonderful :]

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