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Report RSS The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 10 Is Now On!!!!!!!!!

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So wow ... why did this take as long as it did? Well, let's just say everything that COULD have happened to get in the way DID happen. I had originally planned to make the video a length of 20 - 30 minutes, but after going through months of technical frustrations, I practically got fatigued as hell and didn't want to tempt fate. Not only that, It had been over a year since the last episode and frankly, I hate making you guys wait that long.

After much debate on whether the 10 episode will be the last one, I've decided that it is not going to be the last episode. Sure the Idiot Box series takes the most effort and resources and is prone to a bit more frustration, but it's also the biggest form of structure for me and if I'm not working toward some sort of goal, I tend to go crazy! I'm also pretty sure that even if I were creating other videos, audience attention would plummet dramatically.

You may have noticed the complete lack of Left 4 Dead skits. I had at least three of them in mind, but unfortunately all of them required maps from the actual L4D games and since all the updates, converting those maps into GMod has become impossible without an insane amount of glitches. Not only that, my mappers appeared to have made themselves very scarce during the whole production of this project and was unable to get them to try and make the conversion or create custom ones to at least serve the same purpose. Hopefully by episode 11, I'll be able to get those skits in there and go easy on all those TF2 skits.

Today's "whoops, I fucking forgot someone in the credits" moment goes to Minifett for whipping up the "Got yer' nose!" sentence mix on such short notice, and Muffinmaster19 for the Creeper Demoman skin. Thanks guys! You know I hate doing credits sequences because I always forget someone the longer the project takes to finish.

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