Dragonsdoom's roots started as a hardcore gamer; playing hundreds of hours of Counter-strike, Baulder's Gate and Sim-style games for years. Even as he played such games, he was fascinated with the concept of 'Level Editors', creating many small levels for such games as Sim City, Age of Empires and Stronghold. He eventually experimented with further design concepts such as GUI style mods in Age of Empires. After a time, he decided to become a developer himself, to be more than a consumer amongst the horde and give back to the community. He learned true 3d level design by starting on the Source engine, and is currently learning how to do do every aspect of game development in the hopes of starting his own indie company with some college pals.

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Gah, this topic is irritating me. I need to find the time to write a paper on this.

Long story short: I don't think games are art.

Of course, this is a super controversial idea due to the vague meaning of the word art and the people trying to find new ways to apply it. Urinals, or the act of presenting a urinal at an art showing, should have nothing to do with the Mona Lisa, for instance.

But if games are not art, what are they? I have an idea of what I consider games to be, and I plan to expound on it.

-The Provoked Dragonsdoom

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