I am a 26 year old male student of classical song currently working on my BA. I have four years of formal actors training and six years of VA experience here on moddb. As I'm always on the lookout for more experience and material for my portfolio, I'm hunting for roles here on moddb. If you're a developer or development team looking for a voice actor, give me a beep and I'll provide material for your evaluation if I'm not already occupied.

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People ususally go out of their way to celebrate even the smallest things. Mostly for the cake.
So today, since I was particularily craving me some cake, I found out that I have something that needs celebrating!

And boy do we Norwegians know how to celebrate!

Pictured: Norwegian Celebration

As of today, I have voice characters in 11, ELEVEN, mods that have succesfully run their development cycles and released, many of them recieving great feedback and mostly benevolent reviews.

As if that wasn't enough reason to celebrate I realised after being queried about how many projects I've been in (and doing some counting on my fingers) that I have participated in or am currently engaged in over 50 projects during my little under five years on this site (Not all of them are listed, but these are the ones I could remember the name for).

Of those fifty projects, twentysix of them are currently active, as in still being made.

"What?!" I hear you say.

"Twentysix fucking projects? Are you both insane and retarded?!"

After the echoing sound of thousands of monocles being popped recedes, I can calmly explain that as a voice actor, there's on a regular basis huge gaps in between getting anything to do from an active project.
Of those twentysix projects, I've currently got work from seven of them. two of which lack only a few lines before being completely finished up and will be done by tonight, and one being a slow burner (no deadline).

To finish off this article I'll list the eleven projects that I've done :D

1. Cube Experimental

2. Cry of Fear

3. Cry of Fear: Custom Stories

4. Grey
I know this isn't out yet, but its so close it's practically done.

5. CnC Generals: Rise of the Reds
Same with this one as with Grey.

6. CnC: The Forgotten

7. 1187: Rogue Train

8. Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2

9. TItan XCIX

10. Underhell: Prologue

11. It hurts a bit

I'd post the 50 projects too to give you an idea of how large a list that actually is when down on paper, but I'd have to write it in html it seems, and I don't have neither the skill, knowledge or patience to write it out in that language.

Now, on to the cake!

DragonNOR, signing off.


******* awesome job :yow:

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I hope peeps thank me for requesting "it hurts a bit"

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