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After a great vacation at Gotland Island in Sweden, I am back with a few updates!

First and foremost it was insanely entertaining to come back and check what had gone on in cyberspace after not checking for little over a week. I logged in to Moddb to see if the projects I keep track of had been as idle as I had been while on vacation and had fun picturing I might see as many as ten updates cued, which would be normal for a week or so.

And boy was I surprised!

My email was in a similar condition, and I literally spent a whole day just checking this, my email and responding to stuff in other channels D:

On a different note, the Echo dampener I wrote about in the previous blog didn't really do much at all to remove the room echo I was really worried about, so it seems like I have to get creative on that one. I got some plans to create a small shelter that would leave Bob the builder green with envy, but failing that (if my gf doesn't like the idea of carpentry on our wood floor) I'll settle for using one of those fabric walls you usually see pretty women changing behind in movies. No not that kind of movies.


So I might be doing that and just drape some thick-ass blankets over each wall to muffle out any echo I haven't killed off already.

On second thought that shit's going to get warm! It's gonna be like a friggin sauna in that booth with wool or something thick like that surrounding me. Better get a soundless fan while I'm at it if there's such a thing. And whats a sauna without some chicks?

Close enough.

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