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Hello everybody! In my Amnesia Vibes Discord server, someone pointed out to me and a bunch of Amnesia Modders that a couple of alt accounts were 10-bombing a mod page (which I will link here):


I was a bit curious to see what was inside the mod page, and the images looked a bit promising. So, I ended up downloading the mod and playing it.

Also, on the subject of downloading the mod, it was 113 MB. Someone had found out - in my Amnesia Vibes server - that, most of the mod's files are just original assets copied over into the mod. To literally (and I mean literally FFS) every Amnesia Modder out there: You really don't need to make carbon copies of original assets in your mod! It is absolutely unnecessary.

Anyways, I played the mod, and-- unfortunately, the mod has a ScriptArea in the beginning where it teleports you into a room with ear raped music. Trust me, it's a bit similar to one of these Terrywads I played back in the day (those were really shitty, don't even BOTHER playing them for yourself).

Worse, the music that was played in the bait script was racist! So I ended up quitting the mod and left a review.

In short, A Sinister Fate is a waste of time that has yet to be removed from this site. I recommend to stay away from this mod, and that you should not trust the images on the mod page. Absolutely disgusting.

And, here's some of the recent comments I made from the author's mod page before they got deleted by the mod author (because he/she can't even take criticism from anyone):


"don't trust the images in the modpage unless they are actual screenshots of the mod. Most of the images are stolen off from google images or from another modpage."

"Making a shit ton of accounts to 10-bomb this mod isnt going to fix its reputation. Its still a shit mod (also offensive) despite the "reviews". Next time try making a better mod and learn how to take criticism."

EDIT 1: Backed up my old review which can be read below.

"this mod is similar to one of these terrywads i played long ago. worse, it re-uses original game files!

also this mod is racist. i wouldnt be surprised if there were a lot of people in the comments who were offended by the song in the bait script on the first map"

If you want to share your thoughts about this review, feel free to post a comment here.

This is Phantasm42 XiaoXD, signing out. Stay tuned for the next blog post or something, idk.


corinthianMarchant is just a racist cuck who just wants to get a reaction out of people. Just Don't give him the satisfaction of your reaction.

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Oh yeah, its the modders name.

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XiaoXD Author

yeah ik

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