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Welcome to another OMG:Wiki progress report brought to you by Zoidberg. All hail Zoidberg.

OMG:Wiki has over 1400 articles with over 300 of these being substantive. It has all sorts of information related to the mod. These articles consist of everything from unit information pages, OMG content information (maps, doctrines, veterancy, unit costs, etc) and unique community information.

Wiki Progress

  • Unit Pages: 100%
  • Unit Info (Summary, History, Basic Tactics & Tips, Formatting): 100%
  • Unit Costs: 100%
  • Unit Veterancy: 100%
  • Unit Statistics: 100%
  • Redirection Pages: 100%
  • Disambiguation Pages: 100%
  • Pictures (At Least One Per Important Page): 100%
  • Categorizing: 100%
  • Front Page Tables / Prettiness: ~50%
  • Doctrine Tables: 50%
  • Doctrine Information: 30%
  • Upgrade Pages (BAR, etc): 75%
  • Tactics Pages: 50%
  • Other OMG Content: 50%
  • Guides: 25%
  • Abilities Pages: 15%
  • Info boxes: 0%
  • Logo: 50%
  • Mega Tables: 13%
  • War CP Icons: 0%
  • Systems Information Pages: 25%


There is still plenty of content left to be added, despite the progress thus far. Things that you (the community) can help by adding to unit tactics material, information/guide pages, User:Pages, and other content they feel should be included in the OMG wiki.

Again, for added emphasis, I'll stress the need for input. Currently 85% of the edits are mine, which makes me a sad panda. Mappers can help out by filling out their map information pages, experienced players can write strategy guides, and everyone else can find some small thing to add.

Grammar, spelling, and formatting are appreciated when adding new content. Please note that all contributions are subject to editing for clarity and spelling.

Be sure to check out the how to edit a page article on Wikipedia. It has some good information on it.

I've been focusing on Mega tables lately. These are conglomerations of information from multiple articles into one easy to read table. Later I'll work on upgrade tables and information because I sadly overlooked.

Some of the long term things that need to be done, but I can't do because I don't have the required skills are creating info boxes, a better layout for the front page, and setting up a bulk uploader. Any help on these would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


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