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Hey all!

 We had some tough months in Darkmatter Development in the last part of the year. The main coder fell inactive, rendering most of the coding out of reach. We tried 2 months to get a replacement, with no results.

Last week we decided to leave Star Apocalypse for what it is, and wait till we got the skills and experience to finish it. It was a tough decision, because we already worked for 1 year on the project. The post-mortem article also had influence in the decision. It also offers us new chances.

Firstly we can start with an entirely new concept, without having to stick with the Star Apocalypse universe. Secondly, we can now create a far more simple game coding-wise. We will also be able to finish a game far sooner now, because Star Apocalypse would have taken several years if we continued to develop it.

DD will announce their new project in January or february. We are now making a new concept within the team. 

Keep an eye on us in the future ;) 


Roberto 'dirtbag007' Moretti 

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