I wont bore anyone with a long and pointless bio so here is the quick version. I love to listen to music, I love to make music, I love to watch anime, I love to write and I am extremely passionate about my two projects ^_^.

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First blog! Thought I would give it a shot. So I just finished my new song which is up in the Video's link and I am trying to finish the Revamp of "At Peace" which should be done soon. I have been trying to work on my two stories which includes the Novelization of Dire and another one I do on the side for a breath of fresh air which will remain unnamed right now. The wife is due with our little girl in about two weeks and having a toddler in his terrible two stage (dear god that's an understatement) makes anything from composing, writing, or having a pulse difficult.

I am still trying to get together a group for an RPG soundtrack, but with my offer on a new house closing April 1st, I believe I may have to take things a bit slow and easy lately. That said, I am still looking for members for Dire. New content is being worked on right now, but we still need someone who can be a hardcore and dedicated modeler/skinner/animator. If that's you, I need your help!

-Thats all for now!

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