I wont bore anyone with a long and pointless bio so here is the quick version. I love to listen to music, I love to make music, I love to watch anime, I love to write and I am extremely passionate about my two projects ^_^.

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I must really hate myself because I just added another personal project to my plate. I am a self proclaimed #1 fan of Unreal Tournament and give it a lot of credit for getting me into music in the first place (that and SNES RPGs). One song I loved above all in Unreal Tournament (minus Forgone Destruction) is Enigma, which was added with the large expansion Unreal Tournament had midway through it's popularity. I also jumped on the game Tactical Ops when it came out, which original had Unreal Tournament's soundtrack in the background of it's levels. It was very similar to Counter-Strike but one of the differences which I viewed at the time as a plus was the choice of a soundtrack in the background while playing. The level was called Scope, which is like it's version of CS's Dust, which featured Enigma in the background. I loved this song so much.......and the choice of removing the UT soundtrack when the game went retail killed it for me. Never the less, I recently discovered how to convert the .UMX files from Unreal Tournament to midi files (old news for most) and I am determined to make what I would consider....a HD version of Enigma. I'm not looking to make some Techno remix which may sound cool, but do the song no justice...no....I want to make the song sound the same, but with 2010 quality digital composing compared to the 1999 treatment it started with. Hopefully it will work out, because I would love the product of the goal I have in my head haha.


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