I wont bore anyone with a long and pointless bio so here is the quick version. I love to listen to music, I love to make music, I love to watch anime, I love to write and I am extremely passionate about my two projects ^_^.

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Just finished a new song in time to submit it to my weekly podcast addiction RPGCast which can be found here

This was my first true attempt at a Club type song. It had a house feel to me so I decided to call it "Club House." Extremely creative huh? No? Okay Fine. Anyhow, with any luck from my DJ friend Edgar, this will be rocking out in clubs and bars around Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee (in Wisconsin). That was really my main reason for making it, but secretly a huge driving force was that I recently got back into playing Counter-Strike Source and I remember I would only listen to that kind of music while playing both Source and the Original. Good times. Those two games were like a gateway drug for my addiction to that whole side of music! All of the fun of an addiction, none of the crusty nose blood! Dark humor aside; feedback on the song would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking about making a more intense sub pounding beat at the end, but i'm conflicted.

Make sure to tune into my new song here and get yourself acquainted with what I feel is the best Podcast on the net from a website that I have being addicted to since I was in 7th grade.

Later all.

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