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I've been wanting a racing game for Linux for quite a while.. it's one of the major shortcomings when it comes to gaming, IMHO.

When I've seen CoreBreach arrive here on Desura I tried the demo, just a couple races and I was off to buy it. During the next hours I finished career mode two times (easy and medium difficulty). After that I moved to to hard and got the reeper by beating the boss on the last track. All weapons and the "cars" I like the best have been fully upgraded.

Well, it's a good game. I like it and will play it some more times, BUT:

- it's a little too easy in my opinion. I don't think I am better than the average, yet I never had to play a track a second time; always won at first try. Completing a clean race, on the contrary, is extremely difficult due to the really fast pace of the tracks, which are relatively narrow

- the audio player is very disturbing when it pops up on song change, that needs to be addressed for sure

- the worst part of the game is multi-player. CoreBreach only has split-screen multi-player support. No network. Gathering some friends and fire up a racing LAN-party is still not feasible on Linux. This makes me sad. The best part of a racing game is the competition with other humans, either online or in a LAN. Time attack and fastest world times do not look interesting to me: what I like best is human interaction. When it's human vs human, absolute time doesn't matter and the fun comes from fighting each other to cross the finish line first

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