Hi! I am a machinima creator and the founder of Giant Chicken Entertainment (aka qetg productions). I'm the co-ediotr for a Stargate franchise based machinima creation, check it out in my groups list :) Anywho, currently you can visit my old YouTube account (still use it for comments etcetra...). You'll need to google it in YouTube (nickname: qetg) cus it doesn't let me post links :( same for the new account :S, google "Giant Chicken Ent." on YouTube. Cheers, Deathil93.

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Why in the name of dear mother of god there is a blog option in ModDB?! That is indeed wierd... So, if I already have a blog, I need to post somethig original... original aye... originaaaaal.... Zzzzzz... wha? what? oh right! original! nope, I got NOTHING... so stay tuned, maybe i'll have something original soon. Very soon. In a cuple of minutes. Or hours, or days... eventually...

So mean while, i'll mess around with the text options :D

A SPOILER! right, oh yea, I'm the new memmber of Stargate: Vengeance Dev team :D

Julius wrote: As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can.

Okay, so enough with the random stuff. If you want, check out my YouTube account.
= old account, not in use for uploads anymore, only for comments, raitings etcetra...
Giant Chicken Entertainment = new account, for video uploads mainly, home of Giant Chicken Ent. on YouTube. Nothing there, yet...

So, what is Giant Chicken Ent.? your probably thinking its just some stupid group with no purpose but to have a shiny name and a YouTube channel, well, YOUR WRONG (burned :P). Giant Chicken Ent. isn't just any other frag video making, noobish group, its a MACHINIMA making noobish group :D currently, we have only 2 things to make:

1. A Stargate universe based machinima movie- it will include filming in the famous video game Crysis with the mod "SG-27", due to the fact that I don't know if there will be a space flight option in the mod, i'm keeping in mind also the use of a mod for Star Wars Empire at War called "Stargate Empire at War". If there will be no space flight options in SG27 I will probably contact the creators of SEaW and ask for their help in making a green screen map for the aircraft and spacecraft shots.
Btw, because SG27 isn't expected to finish production till 2010, the project will probably be filmed in another Stargate mod called Stargate: The Last Stand for Half Life 2, altough I want to use SG27 insted.

2. Short sketches (2-3min each)- its just a funny idea for random single sketches, I will probably start making them by March or so, they'll be out till the end of the year thats for sure ;)

On another note, I will be helping the Stargate: Vengeance dev team in editing and recording so expect some uber awsome releases soon ;)

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