I have always had a passion for music and art since an early age and chose not to settle on one particular instrument or canvas but build my knowledge across a wide range of both. Soundtracks and filmscore have always appealed to me; static and moving visuals are superb in their own right, but I could blend the two and change the shape, mood and appearance with one slow or swift enigmatic chord or sequence. An active background of sonics shapes the viewer into a far more deeper understand of what they are watching or interacting with. I have not been unfortunate as I have had tracks released via record labels and have also been hired to score for film and television. I would like though to enter the gaming networks and build a portfolio within this industry - after all I spend most of my time playing these infuriatingly addictive games when I'm not writing music...

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EDIT 21/08/2008 After an LONG TIME of being absent due to matters beyond my bloody control I'm back in the UK and in the chair. Well, kind of but im back :p

If your in need of music for your mods, look no further.

I've written for film/tv and had tracks released previously but wish to extend into the gaming networks and mods.

I was tied to writing the music and ambient map levels for Dark Source but alas the project is currently on hold temporarily.

I am now available to write any music that you need. Have a listen in the downloads section and goto Soundclick.com

Drop me an email at david-orrick@hotmail.co.uk or PM me.

I have extensive knowledge in the Vienna Symphonic Library Vsl.co.at

You can only use the music here in your mods under the condition that I am notified and credited for the works. Any music which I compose for your mods must also be accredited. Examples in the downloads section will probably be encoded at a low rate so if you wish to use them drop me a line and I can send you a higher rate mp3/wav file or I can encode to any preference. Thanks!

Current mods I am affiliated with include;

Dark Source


Lord of the Rings Mod for Oblivion

I am also involved in a trance project called hedwerk

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