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Sith Codes


Lightsaber Colours


The History Of The Sith

The Sith Codes

Sith Code

am the hounder of the embracing dark

am the bringer of fear

am the scorner of peace and tranquillity

ride the storm cloud and the night

seek to crush the commonplace

seek to strike terror in every heart

know no passion or pity

seek to be sith, in all its manifestations.

Sith Code

is a lie,

is only passion.


gain strenght.


gain power.


gain victory.


chains are broken.

force shall free me.

Sith Code

is no peace, there is anger.

is no fear, there is power.

is no death, there is immortality.

is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.

am the heart of darkness

know no fear.

rather I instill it in my enemies.

am the destroyer of the worlds.

know the power of the dark side.

am the fire of hate.

the universe bows before me.

pledge myself to the darkness.

I have found true life

the death of the light.


lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi, an elegant armament of a more civilized
time. In comparison, blasters are crude, inaccurate and loud affairs. To carry
a lightsaber is an example of incredible skill and confidence, dexterity and
attunement to the Force.

deactivated, a lightsaber appears as a polished metallic handle, about 30
centimeters long, lined with control studs. At the press of a button the energy
contained within is liberated and forms as a shaft of pure energy about a meter
long. The saber hums and scintillates with a distinct sound. Its shimmering
blade is capable of cutting through almost anything, save for the blade of another

the hands of a Jedi, a lightsaber is almost unstoppable. It can be used to cut
through blast doors or enemies alike. Using the Force, a Jedi can predict and
deflect incoming blaster bolts, and reflect them back at the firer.

the extermination of the Jedi ranks, lightsabers became rare relics. The
knowledge of their construction disappeared with their masters. Luke Skywalker,
the last of the Jedi, built his own lightsaber as the culmination of his

use of the lightsaber is strictly reserved to the Jedi -- the only ones capable
of handling the difficult weapon -- it is also used by their sworn enemies, the

Lightsaber Colors:

Red is the color of fire and blood. It represents
energy, war, danger, strenght, power, passion and desire.

Yellow is the color of honnor and loyality. It represents
caution, foreboding and cowardice.

Orange represents energy and enthusiasm. It stands for
strenght, endurance, curiosity and creativity.

Teal signifies trustworthiness, devotion and healing. It
represents spiritual guide and natural teacher.

Green is the color of nature. It represents growth, harmony, freshness,
wealth, happyness and strong emotional correspondance with safety.

Purple denotes high spirituality and represents peacefulness. It stands
for wisdom, independence, creativity, mystery, magic, purification and

Blue is associated with depth and stability. It represents trust,
loyalty, wisdom, confidence and truth.


force is an energy created by all living things, the trees, the water, and even
the people around you. It surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy
together. The force was first discovered on the planet Ossus in the Agenda
system where a group of religious priests and scholars tried to channel the
energy through meditation. This concept slowly grew and spread around the
galaxy to other galaxies and planets.

The history of the sith:

The Sith originally were a race of humanoid, insectile people,
inhabiting a planet they called Sith, as well. They were a primitive species,
but were Force-attuned, nevertheless. They used a small portion of the Force,
combining it with their magic. Their sorcery was extremely powerful, able to do
incredible feats. The weapons of Sith were also part of their sorcery. Made of
hard metal, the Sith swords were small bastions of Sith power. The sword-maker,
as the sword cooled, would pour into the metal, vast amounts of Sith magic.
Thus, through all that power, the sword did not take any damage and could cut
through anything. As their world became more and more populated, their world
changed greatly: Sith society changed. Everything was separated into castes.
The least Force-attuned and the poorest were placed into the lowest caste,
while the most power and the most Force-attuned among the Sith became the
ruling class: the Sith Lords. The caste system stayed with the Sith for a long
time. However, the world of the Sith changed abruptly again: Sith society had
became feudal. No one knows why or how this happened. Perhaps, as the peasantry
class grew, more and more disgruntled Sith wanted change. And then, perhaps,
there was a revolt (much like Earth's history). Revolt, or no revolt, society
did indeed change from a society revolved around castes, to one revolved around
kings and vassals. The feudal system produced clans, or Houses, as the Sith
called them. Each House owned a portion of land and each had a head. The ruling
head of each House was a Sith Lord. Among all of the Sith Lords, there was
always one who was the most powerful and the most Force-attuned. He was the
Dark Lord of Sith, given that title by the other Sith Lords because of his
strength. The title Dark Lord of Sith was given to the strongest of the Sith Lord,
who was the ruler over all Sith (much like the Shogun of feudal Japan).
However, the inevitable soon came about. Houses clashed with one another, as
they vied for more land and more power. Entire Houses were wiped out. Amid this
chaos, a few extremely powerful Houses arose. The names of these are long
forgotten, they certainly did exist.

Meanwhile, about two thousand years before the birth of Anakin
Skywalker, a Jedi Knight believed that he had found the true source of the
Force. He went before the Jedi Council and revealed to them his newfound
powers. The Jedi Council was horrified, for they soon realized that the Jedi
had found and tapped into the secret and forbidden power: the Dark Side of the
Force. The Jedi Council immediately banned the use of such destructive powers
and tried to force the young Jedi to swear never again to use the Dark Side.
However, the Jedi refused, seeing that he had found true power. He believed
that the Dark Side was the real Side of the Force. The ensuing events caused a
great disturbance among the previously harmonious Jedi Order. Again, the Jedi
elders tried to convince the brash Jedi Knight that this was not the way. But,
the rebel Jedi, realizing that he would never get consent, refused again and
this time, he broke away from the sacred Jedi Order, with the immense knowledge
and skill of a Jedi and a burning vow in his soul to seek revenge on those who
had rejected him. The seccession caused great discussion among the Jedi. He was
alone at first, but others from the Jedi order who had seen the immense powers
of the ex-Jedi believed that this was indeed the true way of the Force. They
sought him out and decided to study the Dark Side, with him and train in the
ways of the Dark Side of the Force. The next event caused an even greater chasm
to open. The Jedi Council, alarmed at how big the Dark Jedis had grown to,
banished them from Coruscant. And so, after much searching, the band of rebel
Jedis landed on the planet Sith. Upon showing the natives their powers, the
Jedis were immediately believed to be gods. He soon found out that the natives,
too, had Force powers as well. But, as he investigated, they did not use their
powers to the full extent. They used only a small fraction of their powers and
called the phenomenon magic. The Jedis then decided to awe the native Sith in
their ways of the Force by showing them the extreme power of a lightsaber.
However, during these mock duels, Sith Lords decided to challenge the Jedi. In
the first of these duels, the Dark Jedi were shocked to learn that a Sith sword
could easily fend off a blow from a lightsaber. They had previously believed
that the lightsaber could cut through anything. Thus, they became even more
incredulous at the power of the Sith. Gradually, as time went on, the Sith
Lords and the Dark Jedi interbred, creating human offspring who were VERY
Force-attuned. Soon, the Sith became obsolete in extinction, as the Human-Sith
offspring soon evolved into total human beings. Only a few were of pure Sith
blood. Society soon saw them as elite and they became an elite priesthood,
composed of sorcerers with pure Sith blood, their name being long forgotten.
The Dark Jedi, along with their Human-Sith offspring, had created the cult of
Sith, a cult given over to the Dark Side of the Force, embracing to the last
detail, the dark powers that were offered. They called themselves the Sith, in
memory of the original natives of the planet. Their leader was the Dark Lord of
Sith, given the traditional title, because he was the strongest among them.
Other were recruited, and soon the ranks of the Sith swelled. Disdaining the
concepts of cooperation and consensus, relying on the belief that acquisition
of power in any form lends strength and yields control, the Sith began to build
their cult in opposition the Jedi.

For the next thousand years the Jedi and the Sith were at war. The rogue
Jedi was still alive at the time. He had used the Dark Side to prolong his life
thousands of years after the normal human life. He was still the leader of the
Sith, but his greed excluded any sharing of power. However, since their order
was not one created to serve, rather to dominate, his disciples began to
conspire against him and each other. The war with the Jedi was the external
war. The internal war was with each other. The result of these internal and
external battles resulted in a nearly extinct Sith order.

In the end, the Sith destroyed themselves. They destroyed their leader
first,then each other. What few survived the initial bloodbath were soon
dispatched by the watchful Jedi. In a matter of only weeks, all of them died...

All but one.

The Sith who had survived when all of his fellows had died had
understood the truth. He was Darth Bane. He had adopted patience as his virtue
when the other had forsaken it. He had adopted cunning, stealth, and subterfuge
as the foundation of his way-old Jedi virtues the others disdained. He stood
aside while the other Sith tore each other's throats and were destroyed. When
the carnage began, he went into hiding, biding his time, waiting for his

When he and the Jedi was believed all of the Sith were destroyed, Darth
Bane emerged from his concealment. At first he worked alone, but he was growing
old and he was the last of his kind. Eventually, he went out in search of an
apprentice. Finding one, he trained him to become a dangerous Dark Lord of
Sith, teaching him the ways of the Dark Side, as well as Sith history and
tactics. But, he taught, there would only be two at any one time, because if
there were more, as history told, they would try to get rid of each other.
Thus, he had reinvented the Order of Sith to consist of two Dark Lords: a
Master and an apprentice. And for thousands of years, the Master would teach
the Apprentice. The Master would die, and the Apprentice became the Master and
taught a new Apprentice, and so on. They operated in secrecy, waiting for the
chance to defeat the Jedi and seek revenge. There would be no repetition of
mistakes of the old order, no struggle between Siths warring for power within
the cult. Their true enemy was the Jedi, not each other. It was for the war
with the Jedi, that they saved themselves.

And then, nine years after the birth of Anakin Skywalker, Darth Sidious
and his apprentice Darth Maul made the first open move of the Sith; the first
hint to the Jedi, that perhaps the Sith were still alive. At his Master's
order, Darth Maul began to hunt down and destroy Qui-Gon Jinn and his padawan,
Obi Wan Kenobi. As time goes on, Anakin Skywalker turns to the Dark Side.
During this time the entire galaxy is transformed by the rise of the Galactic
Empire, lead by the Emperor Palpatine, who had previously been a secret Dark
Lord, the infamous Darth Sidious. And then, a new, terrifying Dark Lord arises:
Darth Vader. He, a transformed Anakin Skywalker, became the apprentice of the
Emperor, and together, they began to wipe out the Jedi, during the Great Jedi
Purge. Although a few escaped, they never were strong enough to band together
to fight back, against the two powerful Dark Lords of Sith. However, as his son
pleads with him, Vader turns back to the Light Side, and killed the Emperor.
The Galactic Empire crumbled down and the New Republic was born. Everyone
thought that the Dark Side was defeated, yet a few claiming to be Dark Jedi’s,
arose. However, these impostors were no match for the new, strong order of the

But we fled to the darkest corners of the universe and we survived and
trained a new breed of sith to engage the new Jedi order in a new war...

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