I have played a large number of games in my 15 years and yes i am 15 years old and i do not want to put my real name on the net but i am a huge fan of world in conflict,command and conquer generals zero hour,silent hunter 4,medal of honer Airborne,and star war Republic commando i think that imperial assault is dead or dieing tho but it has been near 3 yaers and not 1 realeas yet so i i cant tell if it will die or live or if it is already dead....lol

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ok well i am just maken i a place holder so that is the only true reason this is here other than the fact that this is my own little slice of mods db ..so if you reading this welcome to my pagei am personally monitoring a mod called star Star Wars Empire at War
Forces of Corruption Imperial assault and if you want the link to the
site here it is: Imperialassault.com
if you are interested the mod will make several changes to the existing
game including the addition of two new faction and those are the
Galactic Republic (clones)(The grand army of the republic) and the
Confederacy of Independent Systems (the CIS)

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