I enjoy crafting things well and well crafted things. I enjoy all things for what they are. I especially enjoy a good tale. I hope to be involved in creating some interesting games design in the future, but at the moment I'm just as happy to apply my skills to a good team with an interesting project.

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I've recently attended the Imagine Create Festival in Derry. Firstly I must commend ImagineCreate orginisers and the speakers for coming together and doing this. It was a fascinating experience that educated me greatly into the workings of developers and studios and the relationships of the various departments in game and film production. I learned alot about the processes involved in the design and production of a movie and a game, from insightful and well delivered presentations. Check out these guys; James Foster, Craig Mullins, Phil(lip) Campbell, Greg Maguire and Doug Ikeler.I only wish I found out about this event sooner, so I could have gotten in the first day, and so as I could ask them some good questions and/or prepare some work for their perusal.

If theres anything that has been stressed by all the speakers, is the costly nature of production. The faster you are at doing whatever it is you do to a high standard, the better chance you have at success. Also, getting your foot in the door of the entertainment industry, anywhere, will get you experience that you can use. These are obvious truths, and by the speaker's testimonals, keep them in mind!

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