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Howdy out there!

I had to forcefully take a break on development once more because the usual real-life happenings. It happens. The good news is, I'm still on schedule for the first Firewalker milestone - the technology release. It's actually not a release but the name sounds funky.

This milestone means that all the basic technology that I need (or think I need) in order to make the game is ready. By that I don't mean "all the AI" or "all the entities" but things like "the sound system", "important editor UI", "system to execute scripted sequences", "Entity Signals System (like I/O in Hammer Editor)" ... stuff like that. With these in place I can add more and more logic (or content), as I progress through the further making of Firewalker.

The tech-release will be ready the coming sunday (that's June the 14th) and once this is through I'll start on some PR related work. I'll create a new IndieDB page, perhaps something on facebook, fix up the website and, although only loosely related, I'll re-design the playblack site to something more modern looking. Of course the pages will be updated accordingly with information about what Firewalker actually is. I realise that my personal blog is way too abstract to give the reader a big picture.

Once that is done, I'll progress with the second milestone - which contains first bits of proper gameplay, at least one dungeon and a bunch of mobs. On that occasion I'll also tie up some loose ends in the code that are open from milestone one, if any, and clean up "the code so far".

This time I have no fancy pictures for you, I'm sorry :(

And that's it for today. Rather short but I hear that's a good thing sometimes!



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