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Well Hi guys, I'm D-Tarded and this Is my blog on Moddb (They told me to do it) Today I'm going to talk about my favorite gaming franchise,and hoping it doesn't make a big dip , like its little sister Dragon Age 2 and now,I think you got it, Mass Effect For those of you who do not know Mass Effect Is the ongoing saga In the future set in a Sci-Fi Universe, Similar to both Star Wars, and Bladerunner.The main story ark from the games let you take control of Commander Shepard , The first human specter who is trying to save the galaxy from the Impending Reaper Invasion.The key selling point in this game is it makes YOU craft the story.Thats right with a Conversation wheel that you can decide what to say, this makes for interesting game play as you can see how the game changes from one little remark

.Mass Effect was a near perfect game in my eyes,the story, the setting and the game play were all sublime but let down by a few technical shortcomings and some tedious missions most RPG's suffer from.But that said there was plenty to do.The story revolved around Commander Shepard's rise to fame, Taking down Saren and his Flag Ship Sovereign.The story is gripping from start to end and I really recommend this to any one who loves Thrilling Narrative.Two DLC's released after the games both of which where mediocre at best.Bring Down the Sky gave us a little insite into the world of Mass Effect 2 by releasing a new race called the Batarians.The other Pinnacle station gave us a more combat focused game,with a few aspects of the DLC felt a bit to much like multilayer games.

Over All I'd Give Mass Effect a "A" brilliant game but felt a bit lacking , but bioware promised a fulfilling sequel and did they deliver ? Did Mass Effect 2 live up to it's predecessor or did it suffer from being the middle child? Find Out in my Part 2 of the review coming soon .

Thank you for reading please feel free to read and rate, I need help on the writing part :L

Until Next Time D-Tarded <3

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