I am known as Cylarne on Relicnews and many other places, but here on MOD DB, and Skype I am known as Lord Doofus, my preferred name as it is easy to change................ I am a developer for the Dawn of War game, and my mod is the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. I did A LOT with it. I am a coder, map maker, mod tester, AI developer, hex n' tex maker, FX maker, makes 2D images, voice act for units, make (poor quality) videos, scar code, create campaigns (with non lore related), GUI developer (expert at that), and finally I can make the "impossible" possible with super passionative thinking and enjoyment of developing games.

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Did you know, if you sing happy birthday, it's actually a copy right violation?

It's true, and if you google it, you can prove me right. The owner of the song is I think Disney, but even then if you sing it and is reported, you pay a fine of $700.00 per person who sung the song. Absurd isn't it?
And so because I need at least 300 characters to post this blog, I need to just type words. You don't have to read this, but I have to keep writing. The light is dull when the shadows are bright, the windows release the air so thin at night. The crowds go wild with a loud cheer, every day it seems to be a good sight.

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