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Felt like making a blog again since theres no easier topic then talking about yourself. Well most of the time anyway. Also felt like I need to address my laziness. Recently I've been hooked on The Office. Been using my friend's Netflix 24/7 to watch it and can't seem to stop. Not totally sure why I love this show so damn much, probably because it's so easy to relate to. I'm always in a good mood after I watch it though. The Office and Portal 2 have kept me for doing jack shit for anything. Well, I have done a few things but they've been so minor its not even funny. I re-uv mapped Barney's helmet for my friend Katatonic so it uses the alpha MP texture. And other than that I dug up this model port I did ages ago but totally forgot about. That's about all I've done in what seems to be a really long as time. I hope to get into map porting some more but as stated before have been to lazy to do shit. When I say I've wasted time on Portal 2 I don't just mean on the game itself. I watched glados @ home's timer go down to one and compare it to my preload status like every 10 seconds before it came out, skipped school to watch that shit download once it did come out, beat the single player the day it came out, played multiplayer with my friend from school till we beat that for a couple days, and then stalked several websites checking what other people have thought about Portal 2. Mainly Zero Punctuation I keep checking back on The Escapist to see if there has been any news. It's actually sort of sad. I really should stop being so damn lazy not just for gaming content related stuff like map and model ports but for school. Since school is almost out and my birthday is on the 29th I've pretty much haven't given two shits about school. I think I've committed more to time to making excuses for not showing up and/or why this assignment is not here then actually doing the work. Which is usually normal for me anyway but I've gone out of my way more then I usually do just to watch The Office. Speaking of school I've been thinking. This new kid came here a couple days ago and has been strange. He's been so damn neutral it's pretty fucking weird. I donno how to explain this without getting into detail and I really don't want to. Basically he says all the stuff people have already heard years ago (ie Where are we going to use math in life) only he says it in such a monotone, bland voice it's hard to tell what side he's on. It's just really weird. I'm worried their might be a government android at my school. If I don't say anything in a few months I'm either playing Portal or have been killed by a government android. So send for help either way. Now I'm sure you don't stalk my Moddb account to read about my life but that's your problem. I will keep my school stuff out of my dumb blogs in other updates anyway. I really don't like the word Blog makes me feel like one of those dumb cunts who types things like this "lol so i heard obama is black and like yeah lol sub4sub plz thx yeah follow my twitter 2 cuz lol" yes that's the only thing that comes to mind when I hear the word Blog. So I'm calling these Journals from now on. Journals seems less douchey to me.

Anyway that's my stupid brain dumb again. I feel the urge to ask people to stalk my profile for updates but that would make me a douchey blogger so just do whatever you want, if that involves clicking the stalk button or not.

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