Well... Hello, I'm John, I'm 18, and I've always aspired to do some form of entertainment media. For a long time, I was undecided between films and gaming, but I've finally decided on gaming (about a year ago actually) due to the fact there is more room to place things, little tidbits, quality. A film is limited to 2 hours usually, and I just couldn't see myself being able to work within those sort of limitations. Thus, the interactivity and somewhat loose limits of gaming intrigued me. I'm currently actively partaking in a Game Design course through Mountwest Community and Technical Center (MCTC) in Huntington, WV. It kicks ass, and we're moving into our new campus in the Spring! I'm currently looking for a team to either start an indie project or begin modding with. Thus far, my skills are mostly in Mapping, although I'm looking to improve in all areas. I play music in my spare time, enjoy motorcycles, cars and mechanical things of all sorts.

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Yeah, I hate blogging haha... Nothing ever became of Samantha, but she was a loopy bitch and girls are easy to find on campus so its whatevs. Just cruising along really, I'm in a beginner level C++ course and I'm learning UnrealScript in my spare time, as well as juggling work, cars, modeling here and there, life, etc. No current projects that are a main push but I do have a fairly burly one I'm plugging along at a little at a time. Using it mainly to teach myself UDK but if I could assemble a team, it would be quite the little game.

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