An amnesia custom story developer who is just starting out. I plan on focusing on JUST amnesia custom stories at the moment but if I am considering going into UNITY at some point in my armature development "career" if you would even call it that.

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Hey everyone, just wanted to tell you all a little about myself since I am new to the modding scene. I'm a fairly avid gamer and I'm a fan of mostly games such as Battlefield, Skyrim, Need For Speed and obviously ANY horror games. I first got a taste of the horror game genera with the Dead Space series and I've been trying to find games that scared me more and more ever since. Then I discovered Amnesia The Dark Decent sometime in early-mid 2013 and I knew I hit the jackpot with so much creativity in the modding community with their dedication to making the best horror experience they could provide, and I knew I wanted to contribute my own imaginative ideas and shortly after I began playing Amnesia made a sad attempt at making a custom story. I went into it thinking it would be as easy as 1,2,3 even though I knew NOTHING about map design and even less about coding. So I quickly gave up and assumed that would be the end of. (Here comes the "Don't give up on your dreams" part of my rambling) and a few weeks ago I starting watching someone documenting their CS production and was giving a visual tutorial from start to finish and decided to give it a go one last time. I decided that I gave up too easily on the things I wanted to do (I have a failing Youtube channel which serves as a prefect example of how I gave up on wanting to try "Lets Play"s) and I told myself that I WILL make and publish at least one custom story and that I will not give up.

I'm going to be honest, its going to be rough around the edges, it wont be high quality and it wont be very long. But if you all like it I will push myself to make bigger and better custom stories and I hope to provide you with the experience that I looked for in horror games and I hope to learn from all those who download my content along the way and I hope to work with the community to make the best maps I can possibly come up with.


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