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Sorry for my bad english and also i edited because i make this blog in hurry :/

Finally, the mod is released and i play it. and the mod is great (obviously).

First it all i see some point of view about the mod, and that part comes the engine, models, sound, maps etc.

The engine is a better inprovement about the Goldsource, this thing cant never see on a Half-Life 1 mod.

The models are excellent, i like very much the iron sigth and the monster, when i play this game i piss off in my pants when i see that big face, the monster are just creepy (is not very creepy, but is a good skin) the player and the other model (car police, tape recorder and other) are just great so far and also the muzzleflashes of the weapon.

The sounds are awesome and the fire of the weapons, and the scream of the monster can make you make shit in your pants ( i make diarrea yesterday playin that..seriously).

The music are brillant (especially the Main theme song and the ending 3).

The Co-Op are difficult ( yeah, i know you need to coop) but the problems are the shortage of the ammunition and the weapons (or the game is difficult because the player are not cooperating...silly opinion :I).

The voice actors...for me are not impressive (sorry, but that is the only thing that dissapointing but the mod is not bad).

But apart of the models, sound and engine, this opinion concentrade in the History, i like Cry of Fear just for the History, the doctor recommend to Simon write in a book the fellings, the monster who are figthing Simon are feeling, is a difference about "Afraid of Monsters" David are figthing the efect of the drugs, i see also the Doctor story (i finish the game) and the Co-Op together to the Simon life (if you dont get it, the doctor recommend the book and the swedish police are in the Simon book).

Maybe much people like the mod about the models, textures, maps, engine. But for me I likethe history, that game is a HIGHLTY recommend to play it if you like or are a fan of the horror mods.

That is my opinion for the awesome new horror mod.

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