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NOTE: Sorry by the BAD english and the short version (because i'm busy)

Hello fans of Gomod, here's the review that everyone expected, so, yeah, it's been a while where i not to make the review, so, i need a assistant for my reviews because i'm busy with my stuff, well, here is, the Part 2!

Opcions From the Tool Gun & Psychis Gun:

The Tool gun has 6 Opcions:

Remover: Remove NPCS, stuff, props, etc (except the weapons).

Camera: Is the same thing with the normal camera (take photos, record videos).

Render: Come with new opcions (i have no tested is).

Duplicator: Duplicate the NPC.

Poser: Pose the NPC dead.

GIB: The tool gun drops gib (humans gibs).


The props in the Gomod has:

6 chickens (why?, :I)

1 TV Plasma.

Big Valve (Is so big for this review).


The photo of a fish.


well, just for name.

The mod is a competitor of Sandpit (another sandbox for HL1), and also, this game want to put in the old goldsource, so, is not a bad idea, but the fact is, there is a new version for Gomod (Free Will), so, this mod NOW gonna change, changing the models, changing the maps, etc,etc,etc. Well, i still waiting for a new version for Gomod, is not a bad mod, this mod has a 10/10, because this mod is look like the GMOD (not much), so, next time i gonna review Sandpit.

Thanks for waching!

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