Hi im a CSS gamer who happend to stumble over Mods, and now im a mod-aholic. Before i Discoverde the threl of online headshoting i played strategi games on my pc and played action games on my Playstion. If you are eating Cake or Cookies now , beware your Cookie are Mine!!!

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Im from 1993 but i already feel like i have my fair share of history. Physical and mental scares still haunt me of my past. There is no good, no evil, no right, no wrong. Our past events, thoughts and actions shape who we are, and how we think and act. We seek plesure and to be freed from uncomfartable feelings. For exampe doingg something in anger to make the anger go away, or obsessing our self to satisfie our tromendus lust.We can only see the world from our own perspectiv, we can try to understand each other and relate to each other but you can not feel, experience, or think the exact way aniother peoson does, there wil always be nuances. We experience the world through our own eyes, or past, the future and other people, are only the way we persive them. So one Death comes for you. I wil be as if the univers stop existing, the past, the pressent and future wil nolonger exist for you. Everything you have achived, done and experienced are all meningless before death. Everything i meaningless befor death. Thats why your list should always be your most prized posession.

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