Video games in general are my passion and why not melt passion with extra income on the side. However, it's still one of the biggest passions I have in my life even though money is involved sometimes, so it has a feeling of a job. I consider myself a true indie game developer. I'm totally free to make whatever I want, I'm not bound by deadlines or budgets, my imagination and skills are my limits, and so far I didn't reach the limit yet.

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I added several of my games to IndieDB during past few days:

- Fruity Match 3D:
- Neon Match 3D:
- Headix 3D:
- Mind Match Deluxe:

Mind Match Deluxe is not approved yet, so I'm not sure if you can see it right now, but the IndieDB staff is fast, so in a few hours it will be there.

You've probably noticed a lot of 3D in the titles. This is deliberate as I wanted to express the usage of Stage3D technology. When Adobe released a player with hardware accelerated 3D support, I went 3D as well, mostly using Away3D which makes things much easier. Unfortunately the lack of documentation and limited examples made the beginnings quite difficult. However, it made me realize how to improve and what to do to make development even easier, so I built a framework that uses Away3D, but is providing classes on top of Away3D native classes. It's about 15 classes that really make development simple, enabling me to focus on the actual game than to think about all those messy Away3D stuff.

Anyway, "only" a few dozen of my games are left to be added, so I can't really do it all at once.

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