Video games in general are my passion and why not melt passion with extra income on the side. However, it's still one of the biggest passions I have in my life even though money is involved sometimes, so it has a feeling of a job. I consider myself a true indie game developer. I'm totally free to make whatever I want, I'm not bound by deadlines or budgets, my imagination and skills are my limits, and so far I didn't reach the limit yet.

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Invader Attack 2 was approved yesterday and is now in the IndieDB database:

The development is progressing as much as free time allows. I already have a huge todo list of fixes I need to do for features that are already implemented thanks to testers who applied when I posted a job here on IndieDB, and there's also quite a substantial list of things and features I still need to do. It freaks me out just by looking at it. Frankly, I didn't expect there will be so many issues with things I implemented so far and was hoping for testers not to have anything to report back, since they're working for free.

I haven't denied any application so far, but If you're one of the people applied for testing job and you're reading this, you need to contact me with your serial, the one displayed inside the game, so that I may activate your testing, otherwise any testing is pointless as it won't work for you, there will be only one level for you to test. It's a procedure I developed to easily track bugs and fix them. I mean, there is no easy way of fixing bugs, especially sneaky ones, but there is a way to make entire process smoother and a bit easier, more efficient, since I'm assuming that the testers are of various skills not computer related. Therefore we can avoid communicating on a technical level, all you need to do is play the game and describe what happened, when and where.


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