Video games in general are my passion and why not melt passion with extra income on the side. However, it's still one of the biggest passions I have in my life even though money is involved sometimes, so it has a feeling of a job. I consider myself a true indie game developer. I'm totally free to make whatever I want, I'm not bound by deadlines or budgets, my imagination and skills are my limits, and so far I didn't reach the limit yet.

Report RSS Finally, all of my games are added to IndieDB!

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I added the last one yesterday, Monkey Business. Since I began adding my games to IndieDB starting from the last one released Cuberix, it lasted quite a while. I was adding one per day and there were already 3-4 of my old games present.

I'm dedicated to finish Invader Attack 2 as soon as possible. The development is progressing well, but sadly there's still a lot of work to be done and many bugs to be fixed. Most of the bugs, at this point, are not serious, the game runs flawlessly, but it is possible that as I finish new features I also introduce new bugs. There are a few testers testing each new version, so the development is progressing a bit faster than it would without them.

I also didn't finish all the graphics and models nor all the music, but regardless of all that has not been done, I'm confident to be able to release v0.8 next weekend including the level with the first boss, the easiest one. The level itself might not be final with the design and features, but most of it will be there and all the coding base will most certainly be finished. The reason for the "slight" delay is because I wanted to make whole boss code base as reusable as possible to speed up the development of other bosses in other areas of the game.

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