Coba Games is a start-up indie games development company located in Canberra, Australia. In our day jobs, we work as software developers. But our real passion was in what we spent most of our time doing outside of work…playing games. It has always been a dream for us to merge the two worlds and kick-start a games development company. So, fast forward a few years later and with a new addition of our kickass graphic designer and a bit of blood sweat and tears….we are finally here! With our first manga styled puzzle action game in the works, we are excited with what the future holds. Please support us!

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Road to cobagames part 1

Every great venture begins with a dream.

Being from the Microsoft development background, it was a steep learning curve once we made the decision to create a game for iOS platform. Yes, initially I did not even think of Android. So the decision back then was go native, which means learn Objective C. We could not see end of the road, game concept was not even a priority. I went ahead and bought "Programming in Objective C" and the journey started. I had a fairly good software development background and therefore after reading a few chapters and kicking my head against my Mac-book Pro, I was fairly confident to give it a go.


Now developing a web site vs developing a game is completely different ball game. I needed to build my first App and this needed to be something simpler than making a game. I just had the right amount of luck, since one of my mates, Aaron Clausen had recently co-founded "hunterhomes". It was timed perfectly to launch an iPhone app for the hunterhomes web site and there was the opportunity for me to provide this app. I volunteered to create the app and got onboard with the hunterhomes team. We all know how much work is involved in Start ups. Hunterhomes user base was growing exponentially and so was the over all work. Next 6 months apart from the app development, I was also involved in website development. Dreams of creating a game app was paused indefinitely.

Few months later Aaron managed to crack a deal with Canberra's leading real estate web site All Homes Pty Ltd. We hit a major milestone, celebrations were on, a big chapter was closed. Now was the time to re visit our unnamed game app :)

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