I'm quite a gamer, and I've been mapping for the Source engine for about 2 1/2 years now, I'm not the most experienced person out there but I think I'm capable.Anyway, there isn't much to say, I'll let my profile speak for itself.

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Mapping for TF2 can present a lot of problems, one of the largest of these is balancing, making sure that neither team has a significant advantage over the other, or a certain class. Now for my map, this has a been a bit of a problem. CP_fissure is essentially a straight line, so what I've had to do is place detail that adds to the map, and can provide cover from pesky snipers.

One of the main pieces of cover you can use is the metal barriers, they provide fine cover, and as long as you don't over do them, they fit in quite well, crates are also useful, these provide cover for sentries and to an extent, weaker classes and can prove extremely useful for spies. It is mentioned on the Valve developer wiki that each control point should ideally have more than one access point, while this is true, you can still be creative, for example Cap B on fissure, seems to have only 1 access point, a bridge, but if you think there is certainly more than one way to get on, I've added an extra route that's easily visible, but is still possible to overlook (I hope).

As fissure is built on the premise that you have to look where you put your feet, the map takes place mostly on walkways in a canyon, now this also presents a problem that the F-A-N can easily knock people off, as can explosions and air blasts, to combat this I've added some more detail in the form of railings aroudn the walkways, they look realistic and work towards creating less frustration, although I haven't added them everywhere, as there need to be some opportunities for the classes with a push ability to work. And that's really the end of this short escapade in mapping, at the moment cap C and B are pretty much finished and I'm pushing towards a beta 1 at the end of Summer, I'm hoping that I can get the map in circulation when I'm done, and I'll have pictures up soon, so stay tuned.

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