So, my name's Josh. My friends call me Cheese. I run with my wonderful partner Miriam, where we hope that our artwork brings a smile or two to people's faces. I'm a Free Software enthusiast and have contributed code and graphics to Neverball. I run the Tasmanian Linux Users Group meetings in Launceston (Australia), and I was on the organising committee for 2009. I've also given talks to OCLUG in Ottawa (Canada). I have six guitars, a keyboard, a flute, a harmonica, a set of bongos, and play all of them very badly. I tend to write about things in Long Winded Fashion when they excite me. Currently I'm excited about interviewing people working on projects relating to Free/Open Source communities. I've worked on several Half-Life mods in the past and have a couple of work-in-progress games that I'm hoping to find time to complete soon. My first computer was an Amiga 500, and I suffer heavily from Amiga Users Syndrome to this day. My kingdom for a line break.

RSS ACMI Game Masters Exhibition and Events

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So I'm currently attending the Australian Centre for the Moving Image's "Game Masters" shindig - an exhibition the work of influential game designers, and a series of events including talks, panels and workshops by gaming industry and community figures.

I'm blogging my experiences and impressions over the four days I'm attending. My day one summary is already live, where I talk about an exhibition of IGF nominees and finalists that is currently being shown for free at the ACMI.

In two hours, I'll be attending a press conference for the launch of the Game Masters exhibition, with special guests of honour Tim Shafer, Warren Spector and Rob Murray. Exciting stuff!

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