Jata tavi galajjala pravaha pavitasthale Supporting His Neck and Hanging down are the Lofty Serpents which are Adorning His Neck like Lofty Garlands His Damaru is continuously Weaving out the Sound -Damad, Damad, Damad, Damad - and filling the Air all around Shiva Performed such a Passionate Tandava; O my Lord Shiva, Please Extend the Auspicious Tandava Dance within our beings also Jata kata hasambhrama bhramanilimpa nirjhari and the Strands of His Matted Hair which are like Huge Creepers are Waving like Huge Waves; His Foreheadis Brilliantly Effulgent and on the Surface of that Huge Forehead is Burning a Blazing Fire with the sound - Dhagad, Dhagad, Dhagad Kishora chandra shekhare ratih pratikshanam mamah II2II Dhara dharendrana nandini vilasa bandhu bandhura The Entire Horizon is Shaking with the force of that Tandava, and the subtle waves of the Tandava is entering the sphere of the Mind and raising waves of Excessive Joy That Shiva, the Flow of whose Graceful Side Glanceca

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