Just your average gamer, well not exactly. I'm a harcore gamer with an active imagination and I play xbox 360 on xbox live, I play steam games like mount and blade warband, i'm into mmo's too. I play swg (star wars galaxies), and I play stratagy games like the total war saga. I'm active and enjoy BasketBall, BaseBall, FootBall, and Soccer. I'm against illegal modding and all for total conversion mods. If you wanna play sometime hit me up on xbox live. I use the same screen name (ChaoticDog999) for almost everything I do includung xbox. My favorite genre is rpg games. I believe that no game deserves a ten and that the closest game to a ten is oblivion. I hope to one day have a career in writing story, dialouge, and to design characters, armor, ect. in brand name games p.s. I also read sometimes.

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My friend and I have decided to spark up a clan on xbox live. The name of course is The Chaotic Brotherhood. As of now we have two branch leader: ChaoticWolf999(my friend) leader of the halo branch, and myself leader of the COD branch. There are still a lot of positions for branch leaders such as: Battlefield Bad Company, Medal of Honor, Gears of War, ect. If you would like to head a branch of any multiplayer game, or just join the Brotherhood, send me a message at my xbox live account ChaoticDog999.

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