Just your average gamer, well not exactly. I'm a harcore gamer with an active imagination and I play xbox 360 on xbox live, I play steam games like mount and blade warband, i'm into mmo's too. I play swg (star wars galaxies), and I play stratagy games like the total war saga. I'm active and enjoy BasketBall, BaseBall, FootBall, and Soccer. I'm against illegal modding and all for total conversion mods. If you wanna play sometime hit me up on xbox live. I use the same screen name (ChaoticDog999) for almost everything I do includung xbox. My favorite genre is rpg games. I believe that no game deserves a ten and that the closest game to a ten is oblivion. I hope to one day have a career in writing story, dialouge, and to design characters, armor, ect. in brand name games p.s. I also read sometimes.

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Is it just me or are most games just not as fun as they used to be? Todays game industries are too busy trying to make the best graphics to actually make the game fun and re-playable. Red dead Redemption is the perfect example for this sort of thing. I thought that i had made the right decision buying it. I was wrong. The story mode was so well made and immersive that i didnt notice it. Never once did it occur to me while playing "what will I do after I finish the story." I noticed the mistake after Beating the story, not wanting to do it again, going online with friends, doing everything that was funn in a few hours, and realizing that you couldn't swim. I'm not saying that iit wasn?t good, I'm just saying that it was a rent. The battlefront series for the ps2 however gave me evrything that i wanted: Fun and Re-Playability. It might not have had the best story, but when its the weekend hanging out with your buddies sniping rebel scum from a distince. Nothing beats that. This brings me to my next topic. ModernWarfare2 was one of the worst online games that i had ever played, But it wasn't the games fault, it was the modders. Call of Duty WaW was super fun, but it didnt have so many modders. Now days you cant find a single match without it having a modder in it. This is a problem with most team based online games nowdays. Another factor is that all the games that were good were made by smart companies, and all the remakes are righted to new companies who are GRAPHIC CRAZY. We can only hope that the brand name game industies will get thier ass of their shoulders, and listen to us the community.

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