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Urgh, I've just started my internship and its taking up a lot of my time :( I don't have as much time to spend on my mod as I'd like. Tonight I've helped a friend with modeling a house so that's another night that I couldn't work on my mod.

I've got so many things planned and so little time to do it all in. First thing I need to do is complete some destroyed UNSC ships, a halfly-finished-Frigate and a new Frigate. There is some good news, Velo, the modeler from Homefront, has said he would model my Covenant CDJ Destroyer. He's a little busy for the moment, but after that, he'll help out. Which is really great for me as I already tried to make this model and failed rather heavily. I just seem to have problems with Covenant ships. Though hopefully I'll get beter at it, especially since the next 8 entries on my to-do list are Covenant ships. Granted, these will be easier models.

Another piece of good news, I contacted an old concept artist of First Offensive and asked him if he wanted to do some work for me. Which he agreed to. So I'll be getting a little more help. :) And then of course there's Tay, First Offensive's music artist. He produced some new songs and is allowing me to use them for my mod as well. I'll contact him and possibly I'll be able to include some in the next update.

After the destroyed UNSC ships are done, I'll start hardpointing some more units and contact Sebastien, the guy who offered to help me with the scripting part. Hopefully then the trailer can make some real progress.

I'm afraid that although I had three people who said they were interested in learning modeling from me, I've lost contact with all of them but one. And he is having problems installing 3ds max.

So, like always, there are plenty of plans, now I just need to make sure they actually happen. I hope I can release a new update with plenty of new items three weeks from now max.

That's all for now. Heading to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow. Hopefully this weekend will be more productive.


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