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Wow, its been a while since the last time I posted something here. Since then, a lot has happened and been done. Mainly photos though, so little that could be posted here. But there's also some H:FC work done.

I finally released the H:FC trailer, which was done with a lot of help from my friend, Old Dragon. I couldn't have done it without him. I did find it a shame that I had to release that update with missing the final Covenant model for now. Though she will be included in the upcoming update with the final UNSC models. Well, also for now. There's still the wildcard round so who knows which ships get added in later on. After this is all done though, I don't plan on adding any more ships. First I need to up the quality on some of the older models and their textures as well as getting them all ingame.

I've also got to keep up with creating hovercrafts for my Zion recreation. I'm currently working on the Brahma which is nearly done. After that the Ganesha and several more. I'll update the image I have on here again once I reach 15 hovercrafts and have fixed the gates.

What I'm currently cooking up:
- UNSC Infinity
- Brahma

What's on the agenda:
- UNSC repair/refit station (two versions)
- UNSC staging station
- ONI Point of no Return
- Ganesha
- Military hospital

On a final note; I would really like to work more on Blast from the Future, but I've just got no time for that at all. Hopefully once I've done all of the above I can make some time for it. That would be nice.


Keep up the good work

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