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I played lots of FPS games, i love this genre, but i cant find a game that will give some real fun. Games i try, good or bad, aint new in their concept, mostly. Sometimes i can find a game with some new and interesting feature(s). For example in Dead Space, wich i played a bit at PS3, was an awesome feeling of character, i was feeling that his steps are really heavy, i was unable to turn around like a whirligig like in most FPS'es. Also fierce sweeps with arm and powerful stomping were amazingly cool.=)
So then i noticed that now humanoids in games are represented as sliding cameras with hitboxes wich badly imitates living organism.
Its of course matter of realism, and i know that not everyone likes realistic games, after all game should be fun. And i say that realism is not a point of a game, its not a main purpose of the game, its a tool to achive true purpose of the game. Fun. Game should be interesting and bring joy to player. And real life always had something interesting and something boring, and developer should not just copying everything from RL like "Real modern combat take place on a large battlefields! We will make gaint boring maps so players will have to walk\ride 20 minutes to see opponent". Dev should pick the best from RL and somehow include it into game.=)
Enough of useless talk. What i am about, ah. I think its time to make something new. Now we got kinda poor living organism imitation model. Model that has a form of humanoid that had different zones with different damage multipliers, and some amout of health wich is drained by damage and character dies when health reaches criticaly low amounts. Its kinda simple model, and it works well but it was used in so many games that its just aint fun anymore. So something new can be created based on the real life.
And what we got in real life? There is no health points=) Even if you shoot off man's arm or foot with big powerfull gun he just will not die instantly, he could die only out of bleeding, and also missed limb will decrease his functionality.
So we got a few simple rules. Man dies when organism cant(or stop) support life. Damage reduces functionality, directly damaging the flesh and by causing pain. For example, you cant move your arm is some directions when you got muscules responsible for such actions cutted, or you cant perform some actions when overwhelmed by pain.
To reflect this in game model should be created that imitate organism more precise. Its could be simple, representing only bones, large muscules(while small is connected into blocks), large nerves and veins\arteries, and some large organs.

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