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Overwatch (a HL2 mod) has been announced publicly, huzzah! Go over to the Overwatch page on moddb if you haven't already, to get the first batch of info and to see a nice little teaser made by yours truly. Better media is on the way, that was practically a warmup video for myself ;) Being able to see what's going on behind closed doors on the mod development, all I am allowed to reveal is that every member of the team is doing a sweet job, you'd be silly not to keep your eye on this mod!

Ofcourse, you should still play SvenCo-op for HL1 whenever you have the time, still has an active community and there are maps being released all the time, some epic ones are still in development that push the goldsrc engine to its very limits. Some of them even look like they belong in a completely different game! I'm currently working slowly on a little surprise ripent project for SC, unfortunately Incoming 2 is delayed because of this damn bug with ATI drivers and Hammer... it'll be finished sometime I promise. But the ripent project will be out a lot sooner, and it'll be awesome.

Some images are up on my profile, mostly shots from SC, some may incite a chuckle.

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