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Amnesia. I don't know why I did it to myself. But I can already tell that I'm not as scared as other people at Amnesia. But I'm going to finish it, eventually! I've watched the videos where people play the game, then scream there lungs out, because something jumped out at them. I think for myself, it's not the fact that, when they jump out I scream, or what not, but it's the atmospheric build up, the tension drawn by the right kind of music, and lighting. And I think that Amnesia has got it all.

And I saying that, I haven't screamed yet, but I'm more then sure I will. But back to Amnesia. It has the perfect mix of, scary, misc. sounds that just sound... painful. It has the, perfect lighting scheme; and I mean seriously perfect. At some points your basically walking in darkness, without your lanturn of course! Along with the random monsters that a basically naked, (ew!) that are the main source of scary town! But the one thing that has got me the most so far, are BOXES! They don't co-op with me.. at all. So when I get the chance, I just throw them around, so 'em who's boss! (Nuff Said!)

But I must say, Alexander, from the mementos and dairy logs, along with other things, is a really big creep! I came into the game, already knowing that Alexander was... wierd, but never thought that he would, massicare animals just outside his study/ office, whatever you what to call it. And then keep people heads in his desk! (Somebody takes lunch with him to work...) Then the creepy protrait of Alexander doesn't make the tension any better! (Thank you stupid artist!)

But yeah, when you finish the game, it is in fact, completely worth it, without a doubt. Seeing Alexander perish, was satisfying, after having to endure such a living nightmare! The storyline was amazing, and the fact it was made by what, maybe 7 people (sorry, I forgot), is incredible. 7 people made such an amazing game, that I enjoyed to the end.

Thanks Frictional Games!

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