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I've now been on ModDB for nearly 12 years, by far one of my oldest online accounts that is still active. I'm now actually in the software industry and develop mobile applications as a QA Engineer. I still have a keen interest in gaming, though life gets in the way (as it does for everyone) and I don't even game much anymore. It will probably still be a long time yet before I do any further modding for things. If you need to get in touch with me, you can still contact me easily via twitter or Instagram @Blaise170.

Just some banter that is on my mind. I've watched the industry grow since the dot com bubble and gaming is now mainstream entertainment, it's no longer just for nerds. On one hand, it warms my heart to see that people are interacting with technology in exciting ways, but with the caveats that more and more companies are doing the bare minimum to push profits (a prime example is the Call of Duty series, which is now older than many gamers alive today, yet keeps getting rehashed year by year). Of course, there is something to be said about video game addiction too, and it's important to get out and do something else (I feel like such a parent saying that). Video games have helped me through both the highs and lows in life, caused highs and lows in my life, led me to meet great friends and great enemies.

Video games are a great medium as you can tell your story and let your audience interact directly with it. Some of my best memories from childhood are from spending hours playing the latest game and trying to best my friends in split screen or taking in the incredible storylines of games like The Legend of Dragoon or Final Fantasy. Here's to many more years of gaming and I hope that everyone can appreciate the beauty of gaming.


I'm 4 years behind on you haha, Can I join the club?

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