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Strike that, reverse. Thank you. There are currently three mods that I want to write about, maybe four. This is always a great time for teams to release due to the Mod of the Year awards. For me this makes things a little hard as I can only work so fast due to the time it takes to get decent videos ready. It doesn't help that I've been having some trouble with this latest batch. I actually have an article pretty much ready to go right now, save for some videos. So why not just post without videos? I like to have at least one gameplay video because it's hard to convey with mere words what a mod or game is like. Even a video can't fully give you the whole picture but it can really help. One of my goals in even doing these articles is increasing the visibility of RTS mods here on ModDB. One of the best ways to get some one to look at a mod is if they can see it in action. So when ever at all possible, I will have videos, even if it takes me a little longer.

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