Yo I'm bacon I'm 27 I like to play games, edit videos, photoshop. I was an ex Indie Dev, then an ex marketer for AstroBear Games and use to be an IT Tech for my own business.

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Okay so havent blogged for a while as I was a bit bummed with my game. I ran into a few problems and I dont know its a little hard to explain you just feel crap/dont enjoy it as much when you run into problems and havent got the slightest clue on how to fix it (wanting to fix it myself most of the time) instead of wasting the teachers time (though its not wasting its just how I feel/think) so fastford to tuesday (16/10/12) and everything is fixed and we have more or less created a very simple/basic game. With a shape that represents the character/player and then just the level itself (no enemys or traps/hazards or breakable objects or even a finish) but guessing today (18/10/12) we will start to add more things in such as the models that are going to be for the game (mines a cube as you will see as I will upload a video of it) but i mean such as cops (with textures and such) and the correct shape too xD
and also some more scripts. The teacher is going to create a script so my player can have a super jump which will be used to break down the walls and such, speaking of the level design has to be altered a little too (some gaps are just not big enough xD). Anyways I leave soon to get on the train to get to my school. So will blog whenever I can/feel like it - uploading the video now, its not much but yeah

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