Whats up? Quick info on me- Im a 23 year old (vet) person who works in security and law enforcment, love star wars, halo, studding maps, working with guns, and gets on the computer when i have time. Im curently mapping for the GGW (GREAT GALACTIC WAR MOD). Theres an update in the blog bellow if your wondering. I love mapping for Forces of corruption when i have time. So thats me...

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hey guys, first off, Im 23 not 22, modb likes being dumb. its been like a week since the "accident" at the oil fields i work in, which almost got me killed, happened. Ive been going to the hostpital from time to time for updates of my condition. im doing a lot better. My third degree burns are still bad but the thousands of cuts from shraprel from the exploding oil line are starting to look like scratches. Yes i can walk, but the doc tells me not to (never listen lol) Im off for one more month, and got a check for $100,000! from the oil company, afraid thart i was goin to sue. My face was hardly touched by the the explosion only the rest of my body was lol. any way im thinking about goin back to the university of arizona to get my masters degree. already finished two years of collage and two years at the university, just need to finish a few more years. Im doin great now (not great great but better) Im not sure if i should post pics of my injurys but thanks for your support!!


glad to know , and what exactly happened at the oil fields

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