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Been quite busy with things but returning to modding and tuning up old games, I'm currently modding a game very close to my heart, Fallout 3.

I've been a fan of the fallout series ever since i found the original game chucked in a bargain bin in my local game store, like it was E.T or Shaq Fu.
well I've played the first two games to death [some fallout tactics also, and some fallout BoS, i drink to forget that one...] and i'd enjoyed fallout 3, doing several playthroughs. I had a half-arsed attempt at modding it that went badly and resulted in an uninstall, however i felt like i should come back and give it another go after so long.

Holy shit the graphics.

The amount of effort the modding community puts into beloved games always impresses me, they always manage to raise the bar in quality to almost unimaginable heights.
I could go on about the wonders i found on nexus but i feel pictures speak for themselves.
I'll begin to upload some of the screenshots I've taken for all you Fallout lovers out there, it has to be said that although the game is over 6 years old, Mods have brought it into 2015, making it feel very Modern. Hell, i think it outshines some modern games when it comes to graphics, gameplay, and especially the story.

I might upload the list of mods that i'm using to far [i think it's around 60-70+ mods at this point] if anyone is interested and would like to take on modding fallout for themselves; it's definitely a game that does well from being modded, and there's enough out there to suit anyone's needs.

Much respect to all the modders out there who's work I've used [too many to list, some shout outs to Hattix, NMC and Millenia, damn dude you make some awesome looking guns]

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