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Boys & Girls, here's a short alpha release & status update of a project I've been involved into during the past 3 months.

Background :

In a laboratory located in the future, a Scientist is conducting experiments on time travel. Unfortunately, during the experiment, a large amount of radioactive cores are spread through time, all around the ages.
In order to save mankind from a massive radioactivity poisoning, he sends a Robot to clean all this mess, and bring back the cores to his lab.

Todo list :

  • Tutorial, gameplay details
  • Joypad controls
  • Add the music tracks
  • Tweak the sfx (that are quite annoying atm)
  • Visually pimp the few latest levels

Download Link :

Here's is a Win32 playable version of the game. Please keep in mind it's an alpha version (some of the levels might be unplayable, some are not completely re-skinned, and the sfx might sound really annoying atm). Any feedback is welcome...

MrCleaner Win32 Version 0.7 download link.

Controls :
Rotate CCW, CW : Left, Right arrow keys
More forward : Up arrown key
Validate/Trigger Bomb : Space bar
Back to main menu : Esc

Minimum hardware requirement :
NVidia GEForce series 8000 or ATI Radeon series 3000 graphics card
Intel graphic chips are more than likely to make the game crash.

About the project :

This game was entirely written and level-designed by Andy, who decided to implement a Sokoban-like game with GameStart3D in order to test the engine.

It turned out the game was completely functional in 2 weeks of time, with a set of 50 levels partially designed. He made the initial placeholder graphics with Blender3D, wrote the game in Squirrel, and then entered in contact with me.

As the game was fully playable, Andy asked me to refine the visual side of the game, which I was glad to accept. I hope you will enjoy the result :)

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