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After writing an article about Desura I began to realise the power this platform could potentially possess.
However, if Desura is going to truly succeed a few things need to happen.

  1. Desura needs a greater catalogue of games
  2. This catalogue needs to include games other than indie titles
  3. Developers and Publishers need to utilise the community features

The first two points are fairly self explanatory and obvious. For Desura to succeed it needs to grow to a point that it can compete with other digital distribution platforms. D2D, Steam etc.

The third is probably the most pivotal, assuming Desura can offer competitive prices this will ensure Desura is not only the place to buy games but also a one-stop shop for gaming news and community. The third point is what makes Desura unique. The whole service is structured around community, not just developers, publishers or users but a mixture of all three.

If it can achieve all the points on the list then Desura can most certainly assert itself as the dominant gaming platform for PC.

Of course this all sounds a bit sensational and it's impossible to predict the future, after all the face of gaming and the internet is ever evolving, but if I'm right about Desura's goal then this is certainly a platform to keep your eyes on.

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