I am a one-man modding army. I do this for fun and for the love of games and gaming. Not for profit. Games are art. They are culture. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise. This is NOT an "industry". I am the Creator of Fairy Tale for Civilization IV (2010), Dibella's Watch for Oblivion (2011) and Frontier for Skyrim (2012-13).

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Computer and Video Games are an artform, and it is a superior artform, linking all the previous artforms into one; sculpture, writing, painting, even filming and video creation... You name it. This is the ultimate artform of our times, yes this is the avante garde, the cutting-edge, like impressionism and expressionism in their days - the artform that defines our age. You can throw traditional painting and sculpture in the rubbish bin; because - been there, done that. And we, the artists, will be remembered as the Van Goghs and Rembrandts of our age. Our online forums are like the cafés in 19th century Paris, and sites like ModDB are our galleries. I am so proud to be a small member of this.

You need to be friggin' Sid Meier to become rich and famous for creating computer games. Most of us will never have any sort of success like he's had. We do this for fun and because we have to, like real art is supposed to be done. Not because we get substantial state funding or community sponsored galleries. We do this because we enjoy it and see the vast possibilities within this area, we do it for the love of gaming and the artform it is. We do it for free, we share knowledge and work, we use each others resources and tips and really, every mod is put together by a vast community of modders and few are those who have put together substantial mods or games on their very own.

Some of us also do this with the strong persuasion that history will remember us.


Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I feel our hobby in the same way. Couldn't have expressed it better.

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