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Well, as you can tell from what I have posted on my profile, and my profile name, that I do like to work with sounds a lot for games. I'm still waiting on getting a good mic (haven't got the money for it yet), so that I don't just have to take it off of youtube videos or download already-made sounds.
So far, I've been included in working on the Wasteland mod, if it ever comes out or makes any progress. From what I've been told by the team leader, we are missing a few key areas, since the team (from what I can guess or have been told) consists of a bunch of mappers, a sound guy (Me), a modeler, and the leader. We are also working on the Half Life 2 Beta Deathmatch mod, and that is currently our main focus I think, which might explain the lack of updates for Wasteland.
My prediction is, Wasteland may have a chance if the vacant positions are filled, but if they aren't, it's probably going to die out like so many other leak mods. Just the way I see it, don't think I'm a oracle or anything :P
Anyways, I've been looking at the other leak mods and I must say I'm impressed with the great mapping that they have done, especially Dark Interval, even though it's been dormant for quite a while. I have been trying to locate songs that fit the areas in their screenshots well enough. All songs would be from the HL & HL2 (Including episodes) soundtracks since I can't currently make music with my equipment. Here's a few I've thought of:

  • Wasteland Train Ride: Space Ocean, Lab Practicum, Inhuman Frequency, Shu'ulathoi.
  • Air Exchange: Hard Technology Rock, Airex Reactor (ambient1 in the files), Pulse Phase (E3 version), Decay Mode, What Kind Of Hospital Is This, Eon Trap.
  • Combine Factories: Traveling Through Limbo, Vague Voices, Calabi-Yau Model, Entanglement (If it's not used as an ambient sound), Trainstation Part 1 & 2, Combine Advisory, Decay Mode, Eine Kleiner Elevatormuzik, Shu'ulathoi.
  • Canals: Cavern Ambience, Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar, Dimensionless Deepness, Electric Guitar Ambience, Sirens in the Distance, Xen Relay, Brane Scan, Broken Symmetry, Calabi-Yau Model, Probably Not a Problem, Suppression Field, Eine Kleiner Elevatormuzik, Extinction Event Horizon.

If anyone has ideas or comments, feel free to post. I'll most likely respond.

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