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I'd say there's still some hope of getting back, but right now things are looking pretty bad.

Those damn portal storms... What'd we do to deserve getting sent through those horrid things? Orifices that lead to nowhere or, less fortunately in my case, somewhere worse than nowhere. We had heard that the Anomalous Mat's fellow eggheads had stumbled onto a similar phenomenon, but I don't think I ever heard of them being in conditions like this.

It's a good thing my hazardous environment suit still works, otherwise I'd be dead right now. Battery's still got some charge, but it won't be able to filter the local atmosphere for too much longer. This place is weird, and when I first arrived I expected to either be back on Earth or in some kind of void. Instead I wound up in a dimension full of nightmarish landscapes. Nothing looks terrestrial, and everything makes me want to puke...

[Image Data Corrupt: EC2918]

This is what I'm in right now, a land of this grey fleshy gunk. It's formed mounds and valleys, hills and ravines, but it all blends together into this wavy desert of... whatever the hell it is. I can't ascertain whether it is sentient or not, but it is certainly alive. I tried prying it up with a broken-off piece of different, harder fleshy stuff, but after I pierced the surface and tried to torque it open the damn thing got pulled underneath the flap. It was about as quick as a mailman slipping a letter in through someone's door slot. That reaction itself would have been disturbing enough, but I could see the bulge in the ground recede as whatever I used was digested in a series of gurgles and spattering sounds...

There are pillars in the distance, they look like they're made of some metallic chitin. Parts of them are glowing, leading me to believe that there is likely some kind of life there. The sky around them... it's like I'm inside NGC 6334, although this place can't possibly be in our own dimension. The- Oh...

My suit just buzzed me. It's been performing a low-intensity scan of air samples it's been taking while I've trundled on towards those pillars. Well, I say air samples but it's hard to describe the atmosphere of a place when it has no gasses to speak of. The area above the ground here is nothingness. That's not the most worrying thing though, surprisingly enough. The scan found unknown particulates in the void, a few nano-meters in radius each with some variation. They clump together really easily it seems, and they also seem to ingest organic matter when exposed to it.

Damn... Looks like I'm gonna die here in this stupid orange space suit.


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